Our Products

We are a custom fabricator of products that meet your needs and save you money through preventive maintenance. We are experienced at designing & manufacturing the right configuration for your equipment.

Common to Custom Fittings

From standard to custom fittings we have you covered. We can help prevent leaks by combining multiple fittings into one. All units are tested.

Common to Custom Fittings
Custom Manifold Block

Custom Manifold Blocks

With a large number of Cartridge Valve Manufacturers, We are your choice for custom manifold. All cavities made, from common to Sun to integrated, we have them all.

Custom Tube Assemblies

We can form & plate your tube assemblies with many different configurations & coatings. Along with combining your return lines to manifold-type tube assemblies.

Custom Tube Assemblies
Hose Grip

Custom Hose Wraps & Sleeves

We are one of the leaders in innovative and custom hose wraps & sleeves. With ideas like aluminum rods for support or springs for retention.

Check out the many other products ATF has to offer underneath the Our Products section!

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